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Private Security and Event Security

Looking to set up private security for your home or business? Do you need to secure perimeters or set up a mobile command unit? We provide event security to ensure that your personal protection needs are met. Whatever the occasion may be, let us manage your security with services in searching, bike patrol, crowd control, mobile patrol (vehicle and ATVs), limited fire and medical response, and fire investigation.


Trained Security Officers Provide Executive Protection

Do you need private security for you and your family? Need a security officer for your next corporate event? Determined to serve clients with the top executive protection, we appoint trained security guards to provide personal security for your family or event. Offering armed transport service and discrete bodyguard service, as well as residential and corporate protection details, we are prepared to take care of your executive protection needs.


Uniformed Security For Your Personal Protection

Working to provide the greatest personal protection, ArmorKnight appoints professionally trained, armed (or unarmed) security guards to ensure your safety. We offer uniformed security for healthcare facilities, residential complexes, corporate buildings, loss prevention, retail venues, parking lots, and hotel security. Simply contact us and a security officer from ArmorKnight will provide top security service for your ultimate protection.


Consult With Us For Security Consulting Services

Complete with a talented staff available to provide security consulting, let us put our expertise to use. Come to ArmorKnight for physical safety and security, review of incident reports, manual review and preparation, review of property security procedures, employee safety and security training, and in-house security rules and procedures. Contact us and we will gladly provide more information regarding any of these security services.

Find the perfect security detail

Whether you just need a simple controlled perimeter control for an event or a more long-term detail for your home or office, we can offer the best in protection and peace of mind!

Executive Protection

• Discrete Bodyguard Service

• Armed Transport Service

• Residential Protection Details

• Corporate Protection Details


Uniformed Security

• Healthcare Facilities

• Residential Complexes

• Corporate Buildings

• Loss Prevention

• Retail Venues

• Parking Lots

• Hotel Security


Event Security

• Securing Perimeters

• Mobile Command Unit

• Searching

• Bike Patrol

• Crowd Control

• Mobile Patrol (vehicle/ATVs)

• Limited Fire Response


Ideal for weddings, quinceaneras, graduations, campgrounds, and race venues.


Security Consulting

• Physical Safety and Security Tours

• Review of Incident Reports

• Manual Review and Preparation

• Review of Property Security Procedures

• Employee Safety and Security Training

• In-house Security Rules and Procedures


K-9 Service

• Missing person location


We also offer identification cards, interlock devices, building protection, and vehicle glass protection! Contact us today.

Full spectrum of our services

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